Mold Claims

Finding out that there is mold in their house can catch any homeowner by surprise, and it will not be a pleasant one. On the contrary, besides the damage to the home, it can be a genuinely frightening experience due to the dangers associated with living in a house full of mold. After all, much has been said about the devastating health consequences that come with breathing moldy air.

If this has happened to you, you have probably done quite a bit of research on the fastest way to address the problem, only to find out how expensive mold remediation services can be. Yet, although you are confident that this is something that your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover, you may have found out that mold claims can be pretty complex. This is why getting legal help from a mold claims lawyer from Florida Home Claim is exactly what you need. You need someone who will deal with the insurance company, get the results you want when you want them, and help put this nightmare behind you. Give us a call today and tell us about your mold problem and the response from your insurance company so far. Let us fight for your best interests, and remember, we will not get paid until you get compensated, so there is no risk to you.

photo of mold

Having Mold Damage

You may have read your policy and believe that your homeowner’s insurance covers mold. However, you may be surprised to discover that although it does cover it, particularly in cases where mold results from a plumbing leak, you may be facing a reimbursement limit of between $1,000 and $10,000 to remediate it. And although those amounts sound attractive, it’s essential to know that common mold claims can run between $15,000 and $30,000.

When it comes to mold, especially in mold-prone areas like Florida, you can purchase a mold rider to add to your homeowner’s insurance policy, but it might be as expensive as the policy itself. 

To avoid having mold in your home, you can take specific proactive actions to prevent it from gaining a foothold in your property and spreading. To begin with, get in the habit of ventilating and dehumidifying areas where mold likes to grow and thrive, such as:

  • Bathrooms that do not have windows
  • Laundry rooms
  • Cabinets under sinks
  • Basements
  • Garages

Mold and Your Health

Mold spores grow when they have a constant and reliable food source such as drywall or wood, combined with oxygen, warmth, darkness, and water. That is why mold is so common in areas that have suffered water damage. It may start beneath floors, behind walls, in ceilings, or along air conditioning ducts. This means that mold tends to begin when there are leaking pipes, roofs that leak, poor ventilation, condensation, or after a flood.

The places where mold likes to grow make it difficult for homeowners to be aware of it until they have lived with it for some time and the characteristic smell starts to permeate the area. Or maybe after they have been experiencing unexplained medical symptoms.

Many people are susceptible to mold and suffer from nasal congestion, itchy skin, irritated eyes, shortness of breath, and fever. Small children who are exposed to mold may have an increased likelihood of developing asthma.

photo of mold

When You Find Mold

Identifying the presence of mold is neither easy nor immediate. It is much more common to find it once it is well established and might have grown out of control behind a wall. Or maybe you have just had enough of the constant cold and flu symptoms that you notice disappear when you leave the house for a few days.

If the above scenarios sound familiar, you should quickly contact a mold inspection company to determine if there is mold and how extensive it is. They may also pinpoint the origin of the mold. Once you have this information, call your homeowner’s insurance company. You may discover that mold claims are not an easy matter and that they will look for ways to deny your claim. That is why you should call Florida Home Claim first. Our mold claims lawyer will ensure that the insurance company listens to your case and gives you the compensation you need to remediate the mold issue and recover your health. Give us a call today, and remember, we work on a contingency basis. This means we don’t get paid until you have received compensation.

Work with Your Florida Home Claim Mold Claims Lawyer

Insurance companies are experts at using confusing language and hidden clauses. They also know all there is to know about delay tactics. They are experts at using all tools available to them to pay you as late and as little as possible when they don’t end up denying your claim entirely. They are experts at writing convoluted contracts that can be quite hard to interpret.

When you are dealing with a mold problem at home and are worried about the health of your family members, you should not spend hours chasing after an insurance company to get someone to listen to you and give you the compensation you deserve. That is why it is so important to have legal help. Your insurance claims lawyer from Florida Home Claim is ready to help you when you have an issue with your insurance regarding a mold claim. We will not stop until you receive the compensation you seek.

Give us a call, and we will carefully consider all the facts, read your insurance policy, and understand the damage to your home and the consequences you are facing because of it. We will send our investigators to figure out how the mold problem originated and inform your insurance company that it is their responsibility to compensate you for the mold remediation services and anything else related to the mold issue. Let us take care of your mold claim, and remember that we do not get paid until you do. Call us today.