Fire Damage Claims

Living through a house fire can be a nightmarish experience. Sadly, its aftermath is not much better and can also be devastating. Suddenly, you may find yourself dealing with unbearable economic losses to which you can add the emotional toll that comes after living through such a traumatic event. Yet, there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done to restore your home while also having to deal with an unresponsive insurance company that either dismisses your claim or gives you a meager offer that will not cover your losses. The insurance lawyers at Florida Home Claim, P.A. are ready to take on your case and help fight to get you the compensation you deserve at this time. Call us to schedule an initial consultation to talk about your case. We will act with your best interests at heart, and you can rely on our proven skills when dealing with fire and smoke property claims.

photo of burnt house

Leading Causes of a House Fire

No matter how careful you and your loved ones are when you are at home, a fire can happen to anyone and at any moment. One of the most common causes of household fires is leaving a pot or pan on the stove, going to do something else, and forgetting about it. Another big culprit is faulty furnaces or portable heaters and also cigarettes when someone falls asleep with one on.

Electrical appliances with frayed cords, leaving candles unattended, allowing children to play with matches, faulty wiring, and overloaded power sources also result in unintended house fires.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from a House Fire

Being prepared is your best weapon in the fight against house fires. Making sure you have functioning smoke alarms throughout and testing them regularly is an excellent place to start. Next, place a fire extinguisher within easy reach in your kitchen. Get in the habit of cleaning your oven and stovetop regularly to avoid having burnt or stuck-on food that can catch on fire. Stay in the kitchen until all food has been served and all appliances have been turned off.

Regularly inspect the condition of your clothes dryer, cleaning the lint trap frequently. Check behind the dryer and remove any loose lint or any item of clothing that might have fallen there. Get in the habit of checking all appliances to ensure no cables are frayed, and no visible damage is present.

Helping You with Fire Claims

After your home has been damaged or even destroyed by fire, the last thing you need is to spend hours on the phone trying to get your insurance company to respond as you expect them to. Or maybe they have responded but with a low payout offer that will be insufficient to restore your property to the way it was before the fire. And you should know that once you say yes to a low offer, they will consider the case closed and move on to the next customer. When that happens, there will be nothing left for you to do but trying to make the best of a disappointing and frustrating situation.

At Florida Home Claim, our fire claim attorneys will talk to you about the incident and the resulting damage, speak to your insurance company about giving you a fair repair estimate, and take care of the matter so that you can reduce your stress level and concentrate on keeping your loved ones safe. Give us a call today, and let us take this worry off your shoulders.

Call Florida Home Claim Today

If your insurance company refuses to cover damage caused by fire, please call the fire damage lawyers at Florida Home Claim. After paying all your premiums on time to have the peace of mind that a fire would be covered, you don’t want to deal with unnecessary hassles. Give us a call today, and we will negotiate on your behalf. You need someone who will have your best interests at heart because the insurance company will certainly be interested in protecting their own. And don’t worry about our fees because we will not get paid until you are adequately compensated. Set up your initial consultation today and let us know all about your fire and the damage you are dealing with.

photo of burnt house

Quantifying a Fire

It’s a difficult task putting a precise amount to the damage caused by a fire. Besides the flames, your home may also get damaged by soot and smoke. Add to that the damage caused by the fire hoses that firefighters use and the gallons and gallons of water all over your home. You may also have broken windows that the firefighters had to break to access a certain area. They may also have chopped a section of your roof or poked holes in walls to make sure there was no fire underneath them.

Even if certain areas of the home suffered no damage, living in a place that reeks of smoke and soot is not healthy for you or your loved ones. You may now be looking for alternate living arrangements.

Trying to remember everything you had that was burned can also be hard to do. And in the weeks after the fire, you may start smelling mold and face diminished air quality. It is critical to have a professional inspector do a thorough walk through your property to determine if there will be any long-term consequences from the fire or from living in a house that was inadequately cleaned up.

Don’t count on a straightforward answer from your insurance regarding how much you will receive for a fire claim. At Florida Home Claim, our fire damage lawyers handle these claims daily and know how to deal with insurance companies. We look for justice while protecting the interests of our clients, and remember that we will not get paid until you do. Give us a call today.