Insurance Lawyer in Orlando

Insurance policies are great for helping to prevent financial loss when accidents or disasters happen. However, bad faith insurance is prevalent in Orlando, Florida, where many insured don’t receive the full coverage promised by their insurance policy. When your insurance company is breaking the law by not providing service in good faith, you can depend on attorneys to provide legal defense. They will help you gather evidence to show that you have a legitimate claim for compensation from your insurer and prove that they are acting in bad faith. 

You don’t have to deal with a case of bad faith insurance on your own. You can work with Florida insurance attorneys who can help you dispute your insurance claim. Contact Florida Home Claim for a free consultation.

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When Do I Contact a Lawyer for a Claim?

Attorneys are very knowledgeable in Orlando insurance and can guide your insurance claim. There are various reasons you can dispute a claim, but you may be misguided about whether or not your insurer is breaking the law or justified in their actions. An attorney can go through an evaluation of your claim to reveal if you deserve full benefits under your policy. 

You Are Confused About Your Insurance Claim

Your insurance policy is written in industry jargon that can be hard to decipher. You have to fulfill requirements for your claim to be legitimate, but if you don’t understand your policy, you won’t know if you are due compensation. You can ask your attorney for clarification on what your policy covers and if you are eligible for benefits. 

You Have a Legitimate Reason for Coverage 

If you are familiar with your policy and believe that you are due payment, you should dispute your denied claim in a case of bad faith. This is when you have proof available and understand what is necessary for the requirements to fulfill policy protocol. For example, suppose you have a personal injury claim against your business but the premises liability insurance company states that the settlement is outside their coverage. In that case, you can get legal help from an attorney. 

Your Insurance Company is Denying a Fair Estimate

Sometimes, insurance companies undervalue the amount of your claim and try to give you less payment than you deserve. When this happens, you can ask that a lawyer take a look at your case. This can occur if the insurance adjuster reviews your damages and overlooks certain details or tries to minimize the number of damages you have. When this happens, an attorney can review the damages and provide an accurate estimate. They can propose an adjustment to your insurance claim or demand a settlement on your behalf. 

There Are Too Many Delays

Your insurance company may be deliberately extending the amount of time they provide you your payment. When you suffered damage that your policy should cover, you shouldn’t have to wait such a long time that you suffer financially. The process should be reasonable. If you believe your claim is being intentionally delayed or the insurer states that your claim is complicated, it is time to get legal help. Your attorney can help you recover sooner and pressure your insurer to settle.

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What if My Claim Is Denied?

When your insurance claim is denied, that doesn’t mean your case is closed. You can file an appeal and have the decision reviewed by another party outside your insurance organization. Another approach is to ask that your insurance company reconsider. If they don’t provide a valid reason for their decision, then you can get help from an insurance lawyer who can fight the denial of your coverage

What Types of Claims Can I Get Legal Help For

Just about any Orlando insurance company denying you a disbursement for the damage to your property or person can be fought. Insurance attorneys are knowledgeable in this industry’s law and have dealt with bad faith insurance claims for several years. They provide their clients with the best chance of receiving the full compensation that they deserve. Here are some cases that your attorney can represent on your behalf:

Aviation Insurance

If your insurance doesn’t help you mitigate the risk of owning a plane, then your insurance company is acting in bad faith. When you suffer from damage to your plane or aviation company, you can seek the help of an attorney to fight in your defense.

Premises Liability Insurance

When your clients visit your business and suffer from a personal injury, your insurer must help cover the cost of the settlement amount. This is defined in your policy, and unless it isn’t within the limits of the maximum amount, then you are due benefits. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

Your business should be fully covered by a policy that takes on most or some of the liability caused by the damages your clients experience. 

Health and Life Insurance

When you experience a personal injury or suffer a disability that prevents you from receiving a full-time income, your insurance should go into effect. 

Boat Insurance

If you get into a boat accident that is your fault, your policy should have defined limitations on how much your insurer will cover and pay for repair. 

Car Insurance

When you get into a car accident, your insurance company should help repair your car based on what is set out in your policy

Homeowners’ Insurance 

You deserve compensation when your home is damaged by natural disasters, storms, fires, smoke, or other qualifying events. 

Become a Client of a Great Legal Team 

If your insurance provider is finding reasons to deny you policy benefits, you should seek legal help. In Florida, there are many bad faith cases where insurance claims are denied or reduced. You can work with an insurance lawyer who can represent you. Contact Florida Home Claim for a free consultation.