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Insurance disputes can be stressful and overwhelming situations. This is especially true if you suffered property damage and were denied by your provider. Such issues could affect your livelihood, mental and physical health, and your family as a whole. 

Legally, insurance coverage is only granted through a two-party binding contract. In other words, as long as you pay your premiums regularly and on time, you should receive a valid claim. 

Since Florida is the state most affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods, in the USA, many insurance companies have been accused of legal malpractice. Under Florida Law, anyone can seek litigation against an insurance company if it acted in bad faith. However, it is recommended that you hire a Florida insurance attorney

If you are unsure about your situation, the insurance lawyers at Florida Home Claim, P.A. are here for you. Call today and request a free consultation. Our Melbourne attorneys will review any questions or concerns you have about your coverage and denied insurance claims. 

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Melbourne, Florida Bad Faith Insurance Disputes

Under Florida Law, any insurance company must respect the terms of the policy of your contract. If your providers are underpaying or denying a legitimate claim, then they are acting in bad faith, and you may need legal help to recover what you are owed. 

According to the law, bad faith insurance refers to an insurer’s attempt to renege on its obligations to its clients, either through refusal to pay a policyholder’s legitimate claim or to investigate and process a policyholder’s claim within a reasonable time. A lawyer can help you prepare your insurance defense and compel your insurance company to provide coverage.

Since natural disasters can affect entire cities at once, they can be financial disasters for many insurance companies. In those cases, legal action is required to ensure proper compensation. In Melbourne, insurance disputes can be handled by your attorney at Florida Home Claim, P.A. 

Bad Faith Insurance Company 

A critical factor in a denied claim is the concept of bad faith, which can manifest in many ways. Insurance companies will search for any reason to deny your legal rights. Sometimes it is due to a lack of resources, and other times it is purely related to profit. In Melbourne, FL, claims will be carried out in Brevard County, where the insurance policy will be disputed according to Florida laws.

When large sums of money are involved, you must ensure that your claim is complete and thorough. Insurance companies count on the fact that you will not pursue a claim due to fear or lack of money. However, if you work with attorneys, you can legally hold them liable for punitive damages in addition to the coverage they owe.

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Civil Litigation and Legal Help

An insurance company is responsible for maintaining fair and standard business practices in the interests of its customers. A plaintiff who suffers improper or unethical practices may pursue legal relief by filing a complaint against their insurer in civil court. 

There are two main types of claims: commercial and residential insurance. The latter, also known as homeowners insurance, is especially vulnerable when it comes to natural catastrophes. 

The amount of property damage natural disasters can create can easily bankrupt insurance companies. This is why some insurers will deny payments or sufficient benefits to their clients. Regardless, you should protect your insurance claim with legal backup, so you get compensated for the amount you deserve.

Examples of legal malpractice involve lack of investigation, late compensation payments, or refusal to abide by their own policy. At Florida Home Claim, P.A., we have extensive experience with bad faith insurance companies. The law is on your side, so contact us today and request a free consultation. We have the resources and knowledge necessary to fight for your claim and protect your interests. 

Melbourne Insurance Dispute Attorneys

If you are still hesitant about contacting local attorneys, keep in mind that you will have to stand in front of powerful insurers with the will and financial power to protect their assets. If you want the court to accept your documents, you need to make sure that they are filled out properly, according to the law, and that all your records are in order. 

This is why, if you are looking for a lawyer in Melbourne that can assist with your insurance claims, look no further than Florida Home Claim, P.A. Contact us today without hesitation, and let us fight for your rights.


What Actions are Considered “Bad Faith”?

There is no exact definition of what constitutes bad faith, but any unjust action that is against the company’s policy is considered bad faith. Some examples include denial of coverage without a reasonable motive, deceptive business practices, delaying payment, failing to conduct a fair and prompt investigation, and even inadequate communication with clients. 

When Can an Insurance Company Deny a Claim Legally?

Not every denial of insurance is in bad faith. If the policyholder violated their insurance contract or the claim was not initially covered, then the insurers have a right to refuse it. Even if they offer you lower compensation, you should consult a lawyer before carrying out any legal action.  

What Damages Are Compensated In a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit?

Damages are calculated based on the amount of the plaintiff’s actual losses, punitive damages, and statutory penalties. This includes anything from economic losses, like interest and damages above the policy limits, to physical ones, like healthcare and emotional distress. Most of the time, if you work with lawyers, the insurance dispute should be resolved fairly quickly.