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Consumers look to insurance companies for policies that help protect assets and provide a full recovery after unpredictable events. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies have trustworthy and professional coverage that works to the best benefit of their clients. In some scenarios, customers receive less compensation than they deserve. Over the past 12 years, there has been $7.6 billion in bad faith claims due to insurance companies not properly providing coverage for their clients. If you believe you are experiencing poor coverage, you should get a knowledgeable legal team on your side. An attorney can vastly improve your chances of receiving the total amount of money you are owed. These professionals understand insurance jargon and can resolve your allegations of bad faith insurance. 

Don’t waste your time fighting your insurance company alone when you are dealing with a financial dispute. Instead, you can work with an aggressive insurance lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who understands how to handle your insurance company. They can help prevent your claim from being closed without appropriate action and compensation. Contact Florida Home Claim to get a free consultation.

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When Is it Time to Hire a Fort Lauderdale Insurance Attorney?

When you get into a legally binding contract with your insurance company but they don’t uphold the policy, you can reach out to a bad faith insurance lawyer. If you are paying for coverage and the insurer isn’t following the policy’s requirements, a legal professional can enforce the policy according to insurance law. They can resolve the insurance claim and challenge any disputes the insurance company may have.

Your attorney can review your insurance policy to help you understand what the agreement is. This way, you know what the requirements are for the policy to be fulfilled. If your policy does not cover the claim you have, your attorney can inform you to help prevent confusion. Sometimes, the insurance company delays or makes the claim process intentionally tricky; in these times, an attorney can step in and handle matters for you. 

What Can Disqualify My Florida Claim?

If your insurance company is not providing you the full amount for your insurance claim, it can be for one of the following reasons

Late Insurance Premiums Payments 

You must not be behind on your premium payments, as some insurers may hold back insurance coverage because you are in arrears. Also, your premium payments must be paid in full. If you are only partially paying them, it can be another reason why your coverage isn’t going into effect. 

Compensation is Beyond Policy Provisions

There may be financial stipulations that cap how much your coverage will be. If the damage goes beyond the insurance policy’s maximum allowed payment, then you cannot dispute the policy you agreed to. 

There Are Exceptions to the Policy 

Even if some of the exceptions were intentionally included to save the insurance company money, the insurance company is not required to provide coverage if your claim falls within the exceptions.

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What Are Examples of Insurance Policies that Bad Faith Insurance Law Firms Manage?

Most forms of insurance can be taken care of by an attorney; however, here are some of the most common ones where policyholders encountered bad faith: 

Health Insurance

When you have to get medical help, but your health insurance coverage is denied, then this is a case of bad faith. For example, when you receive a temporary or permanent disability because of your personal injury, the insurer may decline your claim without investigating the matter because these injuries are the most expensive. Your lawyer can help to get health insurance authorization for a claim they previously denied. This will help if your medical bills aren’t covered as required by insurance law. 

Homeowners’ Insurance

Your homeowners’ insurance policy should cover unexpected events that happen to your property, such as vandalism, fire, smoke, and natural disasters. Not all natural disasters are covered, but they generally include lightning, hail, and wind. If your homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for damage, then you can consult with a lawyer. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

When your business is forced to settle a claim, your policy should help to reduce your business’s liability. Your insurance coverage typically includes limits that can provide funds to settle a case of commercial liability. If the insurance company prioritizes their interest instead of helping you, then you can dispute a claim for bad faith. 

Automobile Insurance

After a bad accident, your insurance company should provide help with the requirements set out in your policy. For example, if a maximum compensation amount is allowed for vehicle repair and rental car usage, your insurance company should provide coverage. If the insurer tries to delay coverage or deny the claim, you can seek the help of lawyers in Fort Lauderdale. 

Boat Insurance

Accidents happen on the water in Fort Lauderdale, Florida bays. Boat insurance helps reduce the risk of a high cost of damage after a boat crash. If your insurance company acts in bad faith and tries to avoid paying for your liabilities, then you can dispute your claim. 

Aviation Insurance 

A common concern among aviators is when aviation insurance companies provide insufficient coverage. This is when aircraft owners are exposed to more liability than they should be even after entering a contract. Your insurance company has a financial responsibility to provide compensation for liabilities you experience.

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What Are the Most Common Signs of Bad Faith Insurance Practices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

You may be unsure if your insurance claim is being treated wrongfully in a case of bad faith; however, there are tell-tale signs that can help you identify when it occurs. Insurance companies are prone to undervalue claims because they try to save their organization money and reduce their risk of loss. However, they must fulfill the outline of your contract agreements. 

Offering Less Than Policy Coverage

Your insurance policy will outline the exact amounts of money you are due when a specific loss occurs. There may be a maximum limit and a list of requirements that you have to meet. If you meet these requirements and the damage is far beyond the policy limit, you should still receive maximum. Your insurance company may try to reduce the total amount owed, which is unfair. When you are offered far less than policy coverage, you should seek legal advice. 

Delaying Compensation Before Confirming a Settlement

Your insurance company should be immediately serving your needs when you enter into a Florida insurance policy. When they aren’t providing timely payment, this means they are intentionally delaying the amount due to you. When you experience financial loss or damage, it can be a significant setback for you. You should not be expected to wait too long for the money that you need now. 

Misrepresenting the Terms of Your Coverage

While policy benefits may be outlined in jargon that is difficult to understand, a representative should still be able to explain the basics of what is required to activate your coverage. If the insurance policy is misrepresented or benefits are hidden from you, this is a form of bad faith. You can prove that this is happening by having your lawyer read over the policy to identify areas that they are failing to fulfill. 

Claim Denied Without Justifiable Reason

Your insurance company may deny your claim without providing a logical reason for why you are not receiving benefits. Insurers are supposed to protect you from extreme financial risk but often try to avoid taking on the liability of your asset or company. You can get an attorney to help you overcome these objections and receive the compensation outlined in your policy when this happens. 

Improper or Untimely Investigation 

Your insurer may try other sly attempts to prevent you from receiving a settlement or full coverage. They may improperly investigate your case and not completely document the proof that shows your fulfillment of policy requirements. Also, you might have details misrepresented in your claim, which reduces the total compensation amount. Your insurer may also do an untimely investigation, where they delay scrutinizing the evidence. This can weaken your claim. They may also outright refuse to perform an investigation at all. You can work with a legal team in Florida to help you fight your insurer for your right to coverage. 

Get Additional Help From an Aggressive Florida Insurance Legal Team 

Your lawyer can help you with insurance claims that you believe to be a case of bad faith. They can identify where the insurance company is breaking the law and not fulfilling the policy you signed up for. Contracts are enforceable by insurance law, and insurance companies cannot ignore a justifiable claim. You can seek the help of a lawyer to settle your claim or represent your case in court. Contact Florida Home Claim for a free consultation.