Insurance Lawyer in Cocoa Beach, FL

Insurance lawyers help protect their clients’ rights throughout an insurance claim. That is why hiring the right insurance lawyer is critical to navigating difficult insurance claims. Insurance lawyers help claimants from overpaying and getting less than they deserve. 

Insurance Lawyers

Insurance lawyers offer legal advice to clients with questions regarding their insurance claims. Insurance law professionals also advocate for their clients by negotiating insurance settlements and litigating bad faith claims at trial.

Insurance lawyers handle the following types of residential claims:

Our well-equipped insurance lawyers also handle the following types of commercial claims:

Insurance lawyers review the facts of your claim to develop a plan that meets your needs. Insurance lawyers typically work on a contingency basis, so they only get paid a percentage of your award when you win your case. Contact a Cocoa Beach Florida insurance lawyer today for a free consultation. 

Suing an Insurance Company

There are many different reasons why you may decide to file a suit against your insurance company; that’s why it’s important to have adept support when legal issues arise. Personal injury and family law professionals suggest choosing attorneys with experience in related practice areas concerning your legal issue. 

When to Hire an Insurance Lawyer

Each insurance claim has elements that make it unique to that particular situation.  However, you may want to consider hiring a Satellite Beach, Florida attorney when you’re:

  • Suing an insurer
  • Negotiating a fair settlement amount in your personal injury claim
  • Forcing compliance by taking insurance companies to civil court
  • Establishing if your claim was denied in bad faith

Speaking with a lawyer prior to dealing with your insurer is crucial. Insurance cases are complicated, and that’s why insurance super lawyers represent policyholders and their rights. Speak with a FL insurance attorney at Florida Home Claim, P.A. for a free consultation if you have complaints about your coverage and feel like your insurance services have been inadequate. 

Cocoa Beach, FL Insurance Claims Protection

Some of the most common types of insurance include home, auto, health, and mortgage insurance. One of the most common duties of an insurance attorney is mitigating insurance issues. 

Insurance claim lawyers collaborate with legal professionals to gather information regarding your claim. They then use these facts as the basis for your legal issues defense. They can also help you verify the legality of your policy to help prevent you from being taken advantage of. 

Insurance laws change, and your insurance coverage will change with it. That’s why the Cocoa Beach, Florida attorney you choose will need to familiarize themself with the insurance policies, companies, and laws under which the insurance lawyer will practice. Each type will require specific insurance law knowledge to win each insurance case.

If you’re interested in a free consultation to discuss your legal issues with a team of super lawyers located in the Cocoa Beach, FL community, then contact Florida Home Claim, P.A. today. You can get a new understanding of costs, resources, and cases similar to yours when you speak with a Satellite Beach attorney about your legal issue today. 

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Experienced attorneys recognize that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer. If your insurer fails to deliver on the terms of the contract, then they can be held legally responsible for acting in bad faith. 

If your claim was unreasonably denied or your insurer has retroactively canceled your coverage after you made a claim, then skillful insurance law professionals suggest you take action. Bad faith insurance lawyers can be effective negotiators and will help you reclaim the coverage you deserve. 

Insurance companies want to keep as much of their money as possible, and as such, often employ clever tactics to delay and minimize payments to their policyholders. Your insurance law firm will negotiate a settlement on your behalf. 

If a settlement is not possible, then Florida Home Claim P.A. will pursue a favorable trial verdict to secure the damages owed to you.  Sometimes this even includes punitive damages that hold insurers responsible for acting in bad faith. 

Work With a Cocoa Beach, FL Insurance Claims Attorney

You may be wondering if you should contact a lawyer to discuss your insurance claim. You may be able to handle smaller claims yourself, but health and life insurance companies suggest working with an attorney when there’s a lot at stake. 

Speaking with an experienced lawyer before you contact an insurance claims adjuster can help you avoid costly mistakes. The claims representatives you work with handle cases like yours everyday. That’s why choosing the adept professionals at Florida Home Claim P.A. can help you even the playing field. 

FL Claim Denial Attorneys

If you’re in good standing with your insurer, but your claim has been denied, then you may have rights to a legal claim. If an insurance company denies your claim, it is unlikely they will change their position without new evidence.  Hiring an attorney ahead of time can improve the viability of your claim with insurers. 

Experienced lawyers have experience getting frugal insurers to change their position.

Insurance companies deny legitimate claims all the time and provide little or shaky reasoning, especially to unrepresented claimants. However, your insurer will be far less likely to deny your claim if an attorney is involved. 

Appealing a denial involves discovery, legal filing deadlines, settlement negotiations, and possibly a lawsuit. Sit down with an experienced lawyer before speaking with insurance companies for a free consultation. 

Hiring an Insurance Law Professional

Hiring a lawyer can increase your chance of success because an experienced lawyer can evaluate your claim and use their expertise to process your bad faith insurance case. 

Standard attorney’s fees are usually 33% of the recovered amount if it’s resolved before a lawsuit is filed. 

A free consultation with an attorney before making a final decision can benefit your case. Once the mandatory appeals process has been completed, filing a lawsuit in federal court is the only course of action available. Your bad faith insurance attorney can help you recover damages, like medical treatment, that should have been covered by your policy. 

Insurance Attorneys Are Here For You 

It’s a smart idea to protect your investments with insurance. However, if your insurer is denying you access to the coverage you’ve paid monthly fees for, contact Florida Home Claim P.A. for a free consultation. 

When your insurance company fails to uphold its part of the obligations outlined in your insurance policy, then we can hold them responsible for putting you in a challenging financial bind.

When you purchase residential or auto insurance, you’re looking to protect yourself and your investments from an accident or a disaster. If insurance companies neglect their duties by considering their bottom line more than the legitimacy of your claim, then you may be entitled to benefits.

At Florida Home Claim, P.A., our law firm fights to help clients in Cocoa Beach, Florida understand their insurance coverage, and will fight any bad faith insurance claims. Our insurance lawyers offer a free consultation in a comfortable and trusting environment.