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You fairly expect prompt acceptance if you file a valid insurance claim when you pay high insurance premiums to guard yourself against the unexpected. However, insurance companies sometimes attempt to stall, restrict, or reject otherwise legitimate claims to protect their financial health. 

The denial of an insurance claim can occur for a variety of reasons. Contact Florida Home Claim if you have any inquiries regarding your claim’s denial or why your payment is less than anticipated. Our insurance lawyers will review your case and advise you on the best course of action. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

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Cape Coral FL Insurance Lawyer

A homeowner’s insurance policy offers protection when the sudden and unexpected happens, and you experience losses and property damage. You should be able to count on your insurer for support in times of need. This is regrettably not always the case.

You dutifully pay your insurance premiums in the hope that your insurance provider will stand by you in the event of a catastrophe. However, some insurance companies incorrectly deny or postpone claims during this time of urgency, increasing the stress you are subjected to already. When your home is harmed by one of the following, a Cape Coral property claims attorney is ready to assist you in seeking justice and a proper compensation:

Why Was Your Application for Residential Property Insurance Rejected? 

Insurance firms are for-profit enterprises. Avoiding or reducing compensation is in their best interest. Insurance companies frequently make lowball settlement offers in the hopes that you would accept them in order to reduce compensation. They may even wholly reject legitimate claims.

An insurance company may employ various strategies to limit claims and increase profits:

  • Declaring damage to be beyond the policy’s coverage
  • Blaming for damage on something the policy doesn’t cover
  • Inadequately examining the damages in the damage inquiry
  • Unreasonable lag times when processing your claim
  • Making a settlement offer to fix what needs to be replaced

What Can You Do Immediately if Your Florida Cape Coral Insurance Claim Was Rejected

In case of denied insurance claims in Cape Coral, Florida, there are several things you may do right away. Even though learning that your insurance claim has been rejected might be very stressful, you do have rights and may even be able to appeal their decision. Here are some immediate actions you can take:

Reread Your Insurance Contract 

Verify that you are not attempting to submit a claim for coverage that is not included. Review your limitations and deductibles. Have you purchased extra flood insurance? 

If not, your typical homeowner’s policy could not cover flood damage. Returning to the language of your policy can help you find the majority of answers regarding why your claim was rejected. 

The insurance claim denials attorney in Cape Coral, Florida, might be able to help if you have read your policy but still don’t understand why your claim has been rejected.

Request a Letter of Rejection 

Ask the insurance company to deliver you the refusal in writing if you were told you were denied over the phone. This will enable you to analyze why your claim was rejected and contrast them with the terms of your policy. 

The rejection letter may occasionally indicate that your adjuster was short on important details you can simply fill in. The situation can sometimes be resolved.

Contact an Insurance Claim Lawyer

Lastly, if you still cannot find any way to deal with your denied insurance claim, the best thing to do is to contact an insurance claim lawyer. The attorneys at Florida Home Claim P.A. can assist you with your denied claims and provide legal guidance and representation. Contact our law firm for a free consultation on your case, and let us see together if there is any valid reason for your denial and what are your options.

What Does an Insurance Claim Lawyer Do?

An insurance lawyer is known as a practitioner with expertise in the numerous insurance products and legally upholding these insurance policies. Homeowners insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance. 

This specialty, or the many additional insurance law subspecialties, are open to the attorney’s practice. Working with assistants and staff to monitor the status of ongoing cases, looking into open cases, and finishing continuing education programs relating to insurance law changes are just a few examples of the daily tasks that may be assigned.

Mitigating insurance law cases is a typical task for an insurance attorney. The mitigation attorney serving Cape Coral may need to use time management abilities, the capacity to compile and decipher evidence, and other skills. These situations could implicate both personal and business insurance law.

The insurance attorney may supervise the creation of new insurance policies for business or professional clients and defend insurance cases in court. Underwriters for insurance may write the specifics of the policy. However, the Florida insurance lawyer will often be in charge of confirming the legitimacy of the insurance policy and closing any gaps it could have.

Attorney Fees for Wrongful Claim Denials

According to Florida law, you have the right to sue your insurance provider if they fail to evaluate or approve your home insurance claims reasonably. Recently, the Florida Supreme Court reminded homeowners of a crucial option they have available to them in the event of an unfair rejection of coverage: the awarding of attorney’s fees.

In a lawsuit against the insurance company, policyholders are entitled to costs and attorney fees under Florida Statute 627.428. A Florida insurance claim attorney can assist you in building your case and pursuing the coverage you are entitled to if you believe your homeowner’s insurance claim was incorrectly rejected or underpaid. 

A rejection just needs to be erroneous for it to qualify as having “bad faith” in the eyes of the law. The insurance provider, not the homeowner, will be responsible for paying the attorney’s fees under Florida law.

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How Can an Insurance Lawyer Help Me With an Insurance Claim?

When you require legal counsel regarding insurance claims, you will need the guidance of insurance lawyers, because even if you receive an offer from the insurance firms, you might get underpaid.

Although every case is different, you could require an insurance attorney when:

  • Suing an insurer for problems relating to an insurance contract
  • Choosing a reasonable settlement sum in a personal injury case
  • Civil court enforcement of compliance against insurance firms
  • Determining whether a claim denial was made in good or bad faith

Receiving sufficient insurance protection is not always an easy task. These are challenging cases. When making selections, an insurance attorney will assist you in understanding your legal options and risks.

Suppose the insurance company underpaid you or otherwise committed an unlawful act. In that case, you should hire an attorney to represent you in your insurance claim. Insurers must follow special regulations.

Asking attorneys immediately for their services or a free consultation is the most practical approach to finding out if you need one for your insurance claim. At Florida Claim P.A., we have served in the best interest of citizens in countless cases. Contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation and learn more about your legal options!