Insurance Lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL

Homeowners that sustain damage or loss to their residential property could have a valid insurance claim for their property. However, if your insurance company in Boynton Beach decides to deny or delay your claim, our attorneys can be of assistance. Insurance companies often create hurdles for their clients to avoid paying what they are entitled to.  

Florida Home Claim, P.A. is a law firm that specializes in residential, commercial and insurance claims. We help clients receive maximum compensation for their damages. Schedule a free  consultation with us right away! This can signal to your insurance company you mean business, and ensure you get access to the fair pay outlined in your policy.

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Boynton Beach Property Damage

Property damage can occur in a multitude of ways. Sometimes these damages lead to serious injury. That is why an insurance attorney serving Boynton Beach can be of assistance. Your home could be damaged unexpectedly. Regardless of how damage occurs, it can be difficult to secure compensation.

If your insurance company is unwilling to cover your damages, you could be forced to get the legal system involved. Working with Boynton Beach insurance lawyers that understand the law can be advantageous. 

Types of Property Damage

Purchasing and constructing your home is an important decision. Home insurance can protect your property when it becomes damaged. Florida Home Claim, P.A. has been serving Boynton Beach and helping homeowners file property damage claims. Our Miami attorneys also hold insurance companies responsible for the promises laid out in our clients’ insurance policies. 

Here are some of the most common practice areas of property damage where we have experience representing clients as their personal injury or property damage law firm: 

Fire and Lightning

Fire and lightning damage can cause total loss of your property. This often requires your insurer to step in and provide financial assistance for your damages and personal injury. The adept lawyers at Florida Home Claim, P.A. can be at your side every step of the way. Our Boynton Beach insurance law professionals ensure your insurance claim is taken seriously. 

Theft or Vandalism

A home break-in can be an extremely traumatic experience. Protecting your family and property is of utmost importance to many homeowners. Florida Home Claim, P.A. has plenty of practice  ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve for all stolen or damaged items.

Water Damage

Water can cause serious property damage when not addressed properly. Water leads to the growth of mold, which can render your premises uninhabitable. Florida Home Claim, P.A. lawyers advocate and negotiate with the insurance agencies on your behalf.  Our Boynton Beach attorneys aim to recover damages for all suffering and personal injury resulting from water. 

Wind and Hail

Some of the most common insurance claims under home insurance policies for Boynton Beach FL are wind and hail claims. Inclement weather policies can be hard to maneuver. It is important to confer with an experienced personal injury law firm. Florida Home Claim, P.A. will work to ensure the insurance company compensates you for any wind and hail damage.

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Boynton Beach Insurance Attorney Benefits

Legal issues can become quite confusing. The stress of dealing with property damage can be bewildering. However, there are many benefits to securing the assistance of an insurance law specialist. Some of those benefits include:

Build a Strong Defense

A property damage lawyer can help build the strongest personal injury or property damage case possible. Your lawyer will discuss all of your legal options with you. They can also prepare objectives that demonstrate how you can recover maximum compensation. This includes compensation for the cost of repairs, replacement value, and loss of use. 

Ensure a Fair Settlement

The future of your home and property are at stake in a property damage case. That is why our lawyers are familiar with the schemes and tactics used by insurance agencies to reduce your property damage claim. We vow to protect your rights and use our knowledge to negotiate fair compensation. 

Knowledge and Expertise of the Property Damage Law

Law firms like Florida Home Claim, P.A. understand property damage laws are challenging. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge required to represent your claim. We continue to serve Boynton Beach with our personal injury and property damage attorneys. Allow us to use our experience to obtain the compensation you deserve for damaged property. 

Property Damage Lawyers Serving Boynton Beach FL  

You are not required to have an attorney to represent you against an insurance carrier. It is possible to handle your claim without an attorney. However, if the carrier refuses to pay your claim, they may change their decision if you hire a professional lawyer to negotiate or litigate for you in court. 

You may feel a lawyer is too expensive. However, most personal injury lawyers work on 

A contingency fee basis. That means your Boynton Beach FL lawyer will recover their fees only  after there is an actual insurance payout from the carrier. If no compensation is recovered, no fees are charged to the client. 

Boynton Beach FL Lawyer

Florida Home Claim, P.A. can handle property damage claims throughout Florida. It does not matter if your residence is a stand-alone home, townhouse, or condominium unit. Fort Lauderdale civil law firms help recover on your property insurance claim. We have experience in all related practice areas to help you understand the business of insurance. 

Florida Law and Homeowners Insurance

If your insurance claim was denied, it may be because you were unaware of the necessary time frame called the statute of limitations. Contract and policy breaches are limited by the statute of limitations. In Florida, the homeowner has five years from the date of the loss to file a suit against the insurance company. 

Homeowner Duties

If a property sustains damages, the homeowner has contractual obligations to fulfill under your insurance policy. The homeowner typically has to do the following:

  • Give prompt notice of the loss to the carrier
  • Protect the property from further damage
  • Furnish a signed sworn proof of loss statement within 60 days of the request from the carrier

The Florida Home Claim, P.A. firm can help you end your search for adequate legal representation. Each lawyer at our firm is prepared to negotiate a settlement or litigate in court when necessary. If your case ends up in trial at a Boynton Beach FL court, you will be happy you have an experienced attorney providing assistance.

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Boynton Beach FL Law Firm Can Help

Homeowners’ insurance policies are a mix of property and liability insurance. Having a team of attorneys who understand property law, and personal injury law, can be very useful.  If you have insurance, your house and furnishings are typically protected from fire, weather, sinkholes, theft, accidents, hurricanes, wind damage, and other events that cause damage to your property under the terms of your insurance coverage. If a person has been injured on your property, your insurer should provide coverage if the injured party sues.

Insurance companies are financially motivated to delay payments and deny your claim.  They can do this even when your case is valid, and many do. Residential insurance lawyers in Florida can help you dispute lousy bad-faith claim denials and hold your insurance company responsible for honoring their policy.  

Bad Faith in Boynton Beach FL

If insurers act in bad faith, insurance companies can be liable by law for punitive damages in addition to the coverage they owe. That is why it can be extremely important to find local attorneys serving Boynton Beach to represent you against the insurance company. 

If your much-needed insurance claim is denied during an already demanding time in your life, this can further dampen your situation. Worrying about the financial burdens of property damage in addition to bad faith actions can become a huge hassle.

The trusted Boynton Beach insurance claims lawyers from the Florida Home Claim, P.A. law firm can help commercial, residential and other insurance policyholders resolve insurance claims disputes. We hold insurance companies responsible for the policies they offer.

Florida Insurance Attorneys Serving Boynton Beach

Contracts can be intentionally confusing. It is generally an intelligent idea to hire a Florida lawyer to assess your insurance contract before signing. If you think your Florida insurance claims have been unjustly denied, contact Florida Home Claim, P.A., so we can help hold the company accountable for the full coverage they agreed to.

The insurance claims lawyers at our law firm will fight bad faith claims denials on your behalf. The insurance lawyers at Florida Home Claim, P.A. have the experience and knowledge necessary to receive the compensation you deserve without waiting.

Our law firm is proud to offer the personal legal representation you and your loved ones need, so your insurance claim can be accepted and paid out. We also offer a free consultation to help protect your rights and pursue the financial compensation you deserve.