Insurance Lawyer in Boca Raton, FL

A Boca Raton insurance attorney can help you recover damages for injuries, and compensate your losses. Insurance may be necessary when the person or entity against whom you have a claim does not have the money to pay your claim.

A Boca Raton FL insurance claims attorney can provide legal representation for anyone who has suffered a personal injury or property damage. Schedule your free consultation with Florida Home Claim, P.A. We are a law firm that specializes in residential, commercial, and insurance claims. We help clients receive the maximum compensation for their damages.

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Boca Raton Insurance Claims

South Florida insurance coverage gives victims of personal injuries an avenue to litigation. Instead of taking those responsible for your injuries to court, you have the option to negotiate a settlement with their insurer. Insurance can be a less expensive, more efficient means of resolving damage disputes. 

Types of Insurance

There are several types of insurance available in Florida. Vehicle insurance pays for damages to an injured person only up to a certain amount. All Florida drivers are required to carry insurance coverage with a minimum policy limit of $10,000.

Liability insurance covers injuries and other accidents that could occur as part of normal business activities. This often includes coverage for injuries to a customer on business property, or damage coverage for their property.

Homeowners insurance allows individuals to obtain coverage for damages on their own property. Many homeowners purchase an umbrella policy, which covers liability outside the home. Some of these policies include protection against inclement weather. It may be beneficial to meet with an attorney in the Boca Raton area, and discuss your policy and liability legal issues.  

Boca Raton Insurance Lawyers Can Assist You

Hurricanes, major storms, fires, flooding, and other natural disasters cause property damage all across Florida. Your property damage attorney can help you review your insurance policy and ensure you have sufficient coverage when hurricane season approaches. 

If your home was seriously damaged in a Florida storm, it does not alleviate your responsibility as a homeowner. You could still be obligated to pay your mortgage and make repairs.  This can leave you struggling to determine how you will pay for repairs and pay your bills after a storm. If your property was damaged due to a natural disaster, Florida Home Claim, P.A. recommends following these important steps:

  • Speak with legal counsel to understand your rights and how to properly report hurricane damage
  • File a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company with the assistance of a lawyer
  • Maximize your claim with the assistance of an insurance lawyer
  • Review the other emergency aid options available in your area

Government support and other services are often available to storm victims. If your home is uninhabitable after a storm, you may qualify for FEMA assistance and other types of aid programs offering short-term shelter. 

Taking time to read through your homeowners insurance policy can be a vital step for those looking to recover damages. If your policy has exclusions for flood damage or deductibles, it can affect your compensation amount. That is why experienced insurance attorneys fight aggressively for the rights of their clients. 

If your claim has been denied or if you have been offered a low settlement, you may have the right to appeal the denial or request more money. The property damage insurance lawyers at Florida Home Claim, P.A. in Boca Raton, Florida can review your policy, review the evidence you provide to your insurance company, and assist you with receiving the settlement you deserve by law.

Your Boca Raton Insurance Lawyer

Dealing with insurance companies that are unwilling to pay your insurance claim is not easy. Property insurance claim attorneys can guide you through the legal process. Our team of Florida claims specialists and insurance dispute lawyers can help recover fair and just compensation. 

Hiring A Boca Raton Insurance Law Firm

A property damage insurance lawyer can review your policy, read the fine print, and help you understand what is, and is what is not covered under your policy. Your Florida Home Claim, P.A. lawyer can help you appeal a denied claim or appeal an underpaid claim. We will write demand letters, negotiate on your behalf, and fight to get the best possible settlement under the law. 

We also check for omitted claims to ensure you receive all compensation that you are entitled to. Experienced claims attorneys understand how the claims process works. We use that understanding to properly settle a claim. Having a Boca Raton, Florida property damage insurance lawyer on your side can level the playing field.